Creative Concept

The Roll of a Lifetime

Design, Strategy, Trends

Scandinavian minimalism meets London boldness: when two design languages meet, as in the case of our SWEDISH ROLLMATE, something entirely new can be born. In this case it’s a creative exercise in design fusion.

Because we work with customers from a wide variety of markets, we asked ourselves: “What happens when you mix two completely contrasting design languages?” The ROLLMATE (think Soulmate but sweeter) are cinnamon buns with a new look.

They illustrate how different countries shouldn’t only be perceived as separate markets. They are also always an opportunity to revive and combine design traditions.

The ROLLMATE is minimalist, bold, and poppy – and thus not only a perfect example of how lifestyle packaging can make even “traditional classics” look modern and metropolitan, but also a design case that shows how packaging can work on social media.

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